Guest Comments

Please let us know how you enjoyed your stay.  We really welcome any feedback on the cottage and also the surrounding area, especially places you found to visit.

Most guests leave their feedback in the Cottage visitors book or on the booking websites – and you are more than welcome to leave feedback here as well.  We always do our best to take on board suggestions.

If you wish to make a booking enquiry please email us on as we may not pick up comments straight away!


Prices Held for 2020

Good news! After our very busy 2019 season we’ve decided not to increase our prices for 2020. And remember, returning guests booking direct get 10% off the published price and don’t have to pay booking fees.

So book direct now & grab yourself a bargain!


Faster broadband!

Some of our guests commented on the low speed of internet access at Tanrallt Cottage.  To be honest, this has been the bane of our lives and is a problem for rural communities across the country.

However, following upgrades to the local exchange, we are now able to get faster internet and are pleased to say this has gone live today.  It still isn’t the super fast connections that cities and many urban areas have but it is a lot faster than before!  At the same time we have also upgraded the wireless access in the cottage so hopefully you will notice a difference when you visit again.

thanks, Karen


Morning sun

What a lovely morning yesterday at the Cottage, the colours are stunning and the birds are singing!  Next week is forecast to be sunny as well – here’s hoping!

Tempted? We have a few nights available next week, drop us a line.